White Pearl Medical Spa is pleased to introduce LATISSE™ – the first and only FDA-approved prescription treatment to grow eyelashes, making them longer, thicker and darker.

Latissue FAQ's (Click to View)

Who should use Latisse?
Anyone who is a candidate for Latisse and would like to grow longer, thicker, and darker lashes should use Latisse.
Who is not a good candidate for Latisse?
Patients with Glaucoma, eye pressure problems, or using medications affecting eye pressure shout NOT use Latisse.
How much does Latisse cost?
Currently, in the state of Texas, Latisse is available as a prescription only. White Pearl Medical Spa is constantly calling pharmacies in the area for updated pricing to recommend the most affordable option to our patients.
How long does each box of Latisse last?
The box (kit) of Latisse was originally designed to last 1 month. However many patients have found ways to make it last 2 months. Ask the staff at White Pearl for tips on how they use Latisse.
Are the results of Latisse permanent?
The results are permanent for the life of the eyelash. Since eyelashes fall out and then regenerate, continued usage of Latisse is required to maintain the greater prominence of eyelashes.
What happens when a person stops using Latisse?
After about 1-3 months, the eyelashes gradually goes down to it’s pretreatment length, darkness, and thickness (baseline).
How long does it take for Latisse to show results?
It varies, but for most patients, results will be seen at 8 weeks, and full results at 16 weeks.
How often should one use Latisse?
Every night. After 16 weeks, one can consider a “maintenance” application every other night or 2-3 times per week. Many patients continue to use it every night.
Can I use Latisse in the morning and at night?
We have not seen Latisse be more effective that way, once a night is our recommendation for great results.
How was Latisse discovered?
It was discovered as a side effect to a Allergan glaucoma drug named Lumigan. It was found that these patients had long eyelashes. This started a study with having the drug placed directly on the skin margin of the upper eye lid.
Should I place Latisse on the lower eye lid?
We do not recommend placing Latisse on the lower lid. When you apply Latisse at night, there will be some transferring of Latisse from the upper lid to the lower lid, thus there would be some improvement in the prominence of the lower lid lashes as well. Application to the lower lid could cause more irritation and additional displacement of the product to other areas on the face where it may promote hair growth.
Can Latisse be used elsewhere? Such as eyebrows?
Latisse is not made for this particular purpose, as this was not part of the FDA study. Other studies are underway, but in theory, yes it can. Results will vary and will be similar to those listed above. We recommend patients be extremely careful with the application of Latisse to other areas.
Does Latisse turn blue eyes brown?
No. The active ingredient in Latisse has been used as an eye-drop medication. When it was studied and placed directly in the eye, 2-4% of patients had noticed a darkening of the brown pigment that already existed in their eyes. Thus theoretically there is a risk of darkening the eye with Latisse use. However, Latisse is applied differently than an eye-drop. Because Latisse is purposely applied to the edge of the eyelid skin instead of placed directly into the eye, the risk would be significantly reduced. In the pivotal multicenter study performed by Allergan, there were no reported cases of darkening iris pigmentation.
grow eyelashes San Antonio
grow eyelashes San Antonio

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